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About Anchor Promotions, Apparel, and Signage

Welcome! I’m Brenda Stelter, founder and owner of Anchor Promotions, Apparel, and Signage. With a business & marketing degree, and after years in a corporate career, I launched Anchor Promotions in 2004 with a two-fold commitment:

Provide quality promotional products, branded apparel, & signage with exceptional customer service.

I’m so committed to customer service that I want you to have this: 651-380-5329. It’s my cell phone number; and if there’s a question about your order, I’ll get you an answer as quickly as I can.

When you receive your order, I want you to be able to say, “That’s the best service I’ve ever had!”—because I know if I provide you with top-notch service, you’ll come back—and you’ll tell others.

Unparalleled service, every time—that’s my promise.

Do you want bids from different manufacturers? Do you want to see a free sample before you order? No problem.

Do you need only a few items? That's okay; I never have mandatory minimum orders.

Do you need custom artwork? I’ll create it right in my studio and get your approval before anything gets printed.

Do you need it right away? I'll explain all your options and get your order shipped as quickly as possible.

Call my office at 651-385-7777 or e-mail brenda@anchorpromotions.com—or call my cell—to find out what it's like to get the kind of service you deserve!

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