Need Help?

At Anchor Promotions, Apparel, and Signage, we make it simple to get what you want, exactly the way you want it.

Here’s our process:

1) Find the right product
Simply tell us what you're looking for, ask for suggestions, or search our website. Let us know if you need a trade show handout, a holiday gift for customers, or something else. We'll find a product to meet your needs, and we'll even provide samples.

2) Settle on the artwork
We can put your logo, slogan, and contact info on just about anything! If you don't have precisely the artwork you need, we'll create it in our own studio at no charge. Then we'll send you a full-color PDF to review so you know exactly what it will look like.

3) Quote the price in writing
This includes all taxes and shipping fees. There are never hidden charges with Anchor Promotions, Apparel, and Signage.

4) Package and ship
We’ll deliver to your business address; but if it’s for a trade show, we'll drop-ship to the convention hall or hotel—and we’ll give you the tracking info.

It's just that simple—NO hassles, NO gimmicks, NO unpleasant surprises. At Anchor Promotions, Apparel, and Signage, you'll always get the best quality products and world-class service at the lowest possible price. That's our promise!

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